From Our Costumer...


3 actors and about 74 costumes pieces for this 1 show. There really has to be that many different pieces for a show like this, I mean, they are performing the Complete Works of Shakespeare... Abridged. Now granted in most cases 1 piece counts as a watch, but it still counts. So tackling a show like this has been different than ones I did in the past, I'm used to actors making 1 maybe 2 changes max during a show. But with just the 3 actors, you need a different approach, so instead of making total head to toe costume changes, the actors are throwing on a different vest, or a different hat, and poof are now a new character. The guys have been nothing but great and willing to try on whatever I throw at them and parade around in it to make sure it fits. At this point the big part is making sure names are in the costumes, and I also want cheat sheets, so that everyone knows what each character should look like. It has been a lot, so I've been looking to beg and borrow wherever I can. But it's still a lot of begging and borrowing and making from scratch, though I knew that going into this production. There's just something about theatre people that love that brand of chaos. I'm sure the audience members will love seeing the show, just as much as I've loved working on it.

-Jen Gilbert